Sex skills of girls making men's penis spray with their hands

Sex skills of girls making men's penis spray with their hands

In fact, when women have physical problems, such as menstruating and not having sex, they can't satisfy men's sexual desire.

If you can't bear to refuse him, give him a hand and make him as happy as ever. .

Helping him masturbate can make men ejaculate more, but you have to master a little skill.

Of course, some minor problems should be noted:

Our first consideration is always the size of male penis. Is it too big or too small?

There are always various discussions about the size of boys' penises, and at that time, it mostly depends on the inheritance of ancestors. In fact, as far as human sexual desire is concerned, it is a waste of time to spend a lot of time studying this problem. A large penis will not bring more physical pleasure to girls, unless some girls are naturally fond of large penis.

What about the shape?

Is it better to bend a gun or to be straight as an arrow? At that time, it depends mainly on whether you can hold hands together and fully grasp the magnificent one. So that you can squeeze it completely. But don't play it like an accordion. Be gentle, but strong. If the size of a boy's penis is really unusual, it is recommended to caress it with both hands to avoid missing any part.

To explore every inch of boys' penises well, boys like their penises to be highly admired, amused, teased, caressed and massaged by lovely girls, and let him know that you are not afraid, shy or disgusted. At the beginning, don't rush to pull, but feel its fullness. Touch your finger from the testicle to the glans, and then slowly stroke it back to the testicle from the other side. The whole movement should be short and coherent, without stopping.

Now you have to speed it up gradually, but still don't slap or slap it. You might as well tease the sensitive parts of the penis. Including glans penis, its enlarged part and some soft parts at the bottom of penis.

Spread your hand flat, then slowly hold the top of the glans and make a rotary motion just like you want to open the lid of Coca-Cola (not pulling the can). I believe your boy will groan happily. The glans is super sensitive, and this action will bring it delicate pleasure. Maybe he will look miserable, shout loudly, and even want to push your hand away, but in fact he can't bear your hand to leave for a second. Now you have to keep farming, even if he begs you to stop.

After a while, slide your hands to his testicles. Be sure to gently grasp them in your fingers and slowly pull them out. If they are as big as foreign eggs, weigh them in your hands several times and tell him how heavy and sexy they are.

Whatever you do, don't squeeze them! Otherwise, the romantic day may end before it starts. You may notice that one of his eggs hangs lower than the other, which is normal. When you hold the testicle in your hand and feel comfortable, slowly push it towards the penis, usually to half the height. This aspect also depends on the size of his scrotum. Boys will like you like this.

All right, let go of his testicles, pinch his fingers like a goose's head (that is, pinch his thumb with the other four fingers), and gently pull his angry penis. When you reach the top of the glans, you can leave for a second or two to let it catch its breath. Recommendation: Women practice oral sex skills with superb skills.

At this time, the penis may secrete some lubricating liquid, which is used to lubricate the urethra and make sperm swim out of the glans Bay smoothly. An uncircumcised penis usually accumulates this liquid in the foreskin to keep the glans moist and smooth. Lubricate your penis with this liquid, and sometimes its musk smell is an aphrodisiac for both of you. Of course, don't worry even if there is little or no liquid. It's not necessary and it doesn't appear at the same time every time. If you can use a little topical lubricant, it should be good. Put a few drops on the penis and rub it gently. It is suggested that before this, it is best to rub the lubricant with the palm of your hand, so as to make it warm, so as not to let the passionate penis get a cold reception.

If your partner doesn't hold his head firmly enough (it's best not to happen), you can put a little cinnamon ointment on it, which is generally sold in sexual health shops, but it's just called by different names. That slight burning sensation will make the penis furious. Don't forget to apply some to your testicles. Masturbation skills, cat flapping sex life


























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